Brushlings is Now On Steam!

Evil is always around us but if we believe in ourselves and have compassion for our enemies we can overcome the evil. Join Gaia as she fights to restore color to the world before it’s gone forever! Travel through unique environments and battle against strong bosses with special abilities. Mushrooms are the life of this world and by restoring their color the rest of the environment will restore its color as well. Face off against major boss battles, hidden enemies, and find and color all the mushrooms to save the world from becoming colorless forever!


Bring Color to the World

In a world of gray and dark it is up to you to bring color and light. Make your way on a journey with massive maps that will challenge even the most experienced gamer.

Hours of Adventure

Designed to be an immersive and epic journey as you seek to bring the world back to color. Expect to play for hours and hours as you seek the best path to victory!

Natural Gameplay

Quickly adapt to the gameplay designed to be intuitive and natural for any gamer. Quickly join in the journey and take on the Mageling and his minions.